Examples of silver solid opal jewellery.


The following photos are there to help you see how beautiful opal jewellery is when on someone. As the "Wow!" factor goes up, the value of the item increases. The following items are solid (100% natural) opals set in silver. 

The model in the below photos is Adelaide, she works for us part time and the rest of the time she's traveling all over the world being an international model.


For examples of gold opal jewellery (click link below)


Solid Black Opal set in Sterling Silver $595





Solid Boulder Opal set in Sterling Silver $745




Another solid boulder opal pendant with mouve colours and a nice free-form shape. Sold for $745




Some cool fun and chunky Rings. $745.




 Solid Boulder Opal Pendant with some strong blue colours $595










 A Beautiful pair of sterling earrings. Bright and good size. $995.




 A modern attractive drop style pendant. Pretty and bright! Looks great. Sold for $495


Pretty Solid Opal Semi-black Opal Earrings $745





The following opal is set in gold 18k white gold... 




To view Adelaide modeling our gold jewellery all we ask in exchange is that you answer one question, then enter in your name and email (we will then send  you some great information about us and opals) . Thanks!...