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Celebrate that special occasion with a 100% Natural Australian Solid Opal!

Acquire Nature's most amazing and compelling gemstone. Set in a contemporary setting by an expert opal jewellery master for you to enjoy now and for many decades into the future.

Here's Geoff explaining how to best find what you're looking for on this website...

In our physical shop and here online you will find the largest collection of solid (100% natural) OPAL jewellery pieces in Brisbane.

Here's some examples of what captivating solid opals look like (these were all sold from our shop)...

We model all of our jewellery because we want to give you a good idea of the size and how it actually looks when on someone - Here is a sample video of Holly modelling an item...

A fascinating One-of-A-Kind OPAL MUSEUM


We are Brisbane Best Opal Jewellery shop with a World class Opal Museum.



We all know that life is all about having memorable experiences, so that's exactly what I wanted to do with the museum. Give a great experience by  showcasing this wildly varying gemstone along with stories about this iconic industry. To visit the Opal Museum website - Click Here.



You can read in my book how the Opal Museum was concieved, and how it has evolved. 




A question that I am often asked is...


"Where do you get your opals from?" 


The answer is everywhere and anywhere, as long as it’s good quality, 100% natural (solid) and a fair price. The bulk of my opal rough comes from one of five opal miners in Queensland, and a couple of miners in Lightning Ridge (NSW).  However as I sit here (Feb 2018) and look around the shop, I see opal from everyone of the 17 opal fields in Australia.  I love buying opal! - I'm just like most of my customers however, I've taken it to the extreme!




Why me being a Perfectionist is good for you!


When it comes to my business I strive for perfection. Especially when it comes to the jewellery. So when inspecting the jewellery, the item needs to... 


1) Have a nice balanced shape,

2) Be positioned in a way that “shows off” the opal (maximises the opal colour),

3) It needs to have at least one thing (pattern, colour, brightness) that makes it compelling! And...

4) Be 100% natural.



Have fun shopping...

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Below are just a few of the happy customers who shopped in store...

Many Happy Customers!


We started collecting photos from October 2017...

Amanda and he husband wanted a beautiful solid black opal as an eternity ring. They found a beautiful doulble sided black apal.



Gary and Becky above were from the USA. They had a nice collection at home and selected a natural matrix opal slide and a matrix (raw) specimen.


The gentelman from Brisbane above wanted something special for his wife and selected a beautiful solid boulder opal pendant.


Erich is a doctor from Germany and was in Brisbane Attending a conference above and purchased these solid black opal earrings for his wife.


Karenia is also a doctor and lives in Germany (photographed with her daughter). She was also here attending the conference. She selected for herself a beautful pair of boulder opal gold earrings.


Susan (above) treated herself to a magical boulder opal pendant and a bright blue loose opal which she is going to turn into a ring.


Ana slecected a beautiful solid opal pendant silver for her mother in-law. They are on holiday from Columbia.


Vicky from England is visiting her daugher from England and they both spent hours in the Museum and ended up buying an opal each.


Kelvin bought Sonny a boulder opal pendant for her Birthday.  




Images Above and Below (Tammy purchased a sterling silver pendant for her Mum in Germany) and

below got something special for her daugher




Above we have Cass and Stew (we made a wonderful engagement, wedding ring).


Annette, Rebecca and Jasmine, 3 generations taking home some lovely Opal jewellery (returning customers).


This is Katie and she has a fabulous opal engagement ring from here and has now invested in a lovely golden loose opal stone for a family friend who lives in the UK. Katie also saw a beautiful sparkling boulder opal she liked. 😆


Rawabi from Kuwait who is here doing a course. She visited the museum to learn about opal and took home a lovely blue/green boulder opal pendant for herself.


This is Young Dan, his girlfriend thought she might like an opal pendant for her upcoming birthday.

Dan spent hours chooseing just the right pendant for her.




Geoff Purchased a beautiful Opal Pendant for his wife. It is the 14th Anniversary

(opal is the gemstone to celebrate 14 and 34 years of marriage).



A Beautiful Pendant for his wife





A pretty pair of earrings for herself




A nice pair of earrings for her daughter (held by her brother).



They came her for the Ashes Cricket match (which England lost) and his birthday. She got a beautiful pendant.




Some earrings and a set of opal jewellery.




A beautiful solid black opal ring for her birthday.




I set of opal jewellery for her mum back home.




Keiran, purchased a stone (Geoff cut it) and we turned it into this amazing engagement ring.



Husband and wife selected a gold opal bracelet for Mum.




Brendant slected a pendant for his Mums friend back in the USA



A beautiful opal drop pendant.




A special natural opal pendant for herself.





This lovely couple from Germany chose an opal pendant for his mother.






A special opal pendant for her mother.




Laura selected this loose opal and had of jeweller set it in a gold ring.

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There are 7 things that you should know
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There are 7 things that you should know
before buying any opal. Please click here to
find out what they are.