How to come up with the perfect jewellery design for your opal.


I know that you're busy so we have the prefect tips to help you work out the perfect design. However there is one thing that you must do first and that's to find the opal - If you havn't done this yet please click here).

So you have the opal. Great.

Now if you're "artistacly challenged" don't worry because the internet has made things easy. You just need to know what words to use to find what you're after. 

Now before you go any futher. Do you know the difference between between a claw setting and rubover setting. . If not please see the image below (I have also gone into a detailed explination about the benifits of each design here)


If you want just a simple rubover or claw setting and you can skip the details before and simply chose either option from the dropdown menu when you submit the form.


However if you are wanting a more incricate design. Please do one of the following two options... 

Option 1)    You can browse through the hundreds of CAD's that we have already done for previous customers. If you like the design please take a photo (screenshot)  of it up and upload when you submit the form

Here are the CAD's

  • Rings
  • Pendants, 
  • Earrings,

 2) Search through google images. When you find something that you like save it to your computer (take a photo of it with your phone) and upload it to the form 


Here are some useful words that you might use in combination.


  • Opal,  
  • Claw
  • Rubover 
  • Bezzel 
  • Rubover
  • Big/Small
  • Contempary
  • Delicate
  • Classic
  • Simple
  • The Shape ( Oval, Round, Tear Drop, Square)
  • Diamonds (And the position i.e. on either side or going around) etc.
  • If it is engagement ring you might want to include something like (engagment and wedding ring).

Add the search button here (