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Natural White Opal Bracelet from Australia - Silver

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Description :

Metal : Sterling Silver

Stone : Opal (Solid - 100% natural Australian opal)

Weight : 11.32 grams

Overal Dimesions : 20 x 11 mm mm

Item Number : #13361

Information : For detailed information about this item please watch the video as we do talk about the item in the video

Understanding Opal
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Here's the TOP 4 reasons why these people bought opal Jewellery from us.



1) It was the perfect "special" item to help them show their partner or a family member how much they love them (birthday, anniversary, engagement etc).


2) It was the perfect item to buy for themself as a way uplift how they were feeling when they looked at it.


3) They were visitors from overseas who wanted something special to remember their Australian holiday. And...


4) Opal is Australia's national gemstone - countless people buy opals to give as a gift when they go overseas.


So if one of the above reasons resonates with you then I think it's safe to say you're in the right place.  So if you really like the item above, please watch the following video...



You can explore the Opal Museum and Shop in the Virtual Tour Below..


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In following video you will get a good understanding of the size of the item and how it will look when it's on you...


Your Opal jewellery will be delivered to you in one of these this gorgeous wood jewellery boxes and you will also receive a little information pack about your opal, guaranteeing that it is 100% natural.


This item is sold. For other items with the stone Opal please click here.
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