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Every single item in our store is ONE-OF-A-KIND. For more information about the item, our company and ourselves please read the information below...

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Bright Green Pin Fire Opal 14k Gold Pendant Natural Australian Boulder Opal

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Metal : 14K Gold

Stone : Opal

Weight : 9.20 ct

Overal Dimesions : 10 x 24.5 mm mm

Item Number : #11819

Information : For detailed information about this item please watch the video as we do talk about the item in the video

Understanding Opal
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Your Opal jewellery will be delivered to you in one of these this gorgeous wood jewellery boxes and you will also receive a little information pack about your opal, guaranteeing that it is 100% natural.

Here's the TOP 4 reasons why these people prople bought opal Jewellery from us.



1) It was the perfect "special" item to help them show their partner or a family member how much they love them (birthday, anniversary, engagement etc).


2) It was the perfect item to buy for themself as a way uplift how they were feeling when they looked at it.


3) They were visitors from overseas who wanted something special to remember their Australian holiday. And...


4) Opal is Australia's national gemstone - countless people buy opals to give as a gift when they go overseas.


So if one of the above reasons resonates with you then I think it's safe to say you're in the right place.



Hi, My name is Geoff McDonald and i'm the owner of the Opal Museum and jewellery shop. What I'm going to do in the following is to tell you a little bit about myself, this business and our opal jewellery. 


Now you've probably noticed that I've written a book (which we post out for FREE) if you don't have time to go through it now, in a nutshell, I'm a hippy at heart, who loves my wife and my three boys and I'm very passionate about the opal industry and growing this business.

My mission:


By the end of 2025 the Opal Museum has moved to into its own purpose built multi-million dollar building. A tourist attraction that will be one of top 5 must-do things in the city of Brisbane.



So if that's the dream, how are we doing currently? Well based on last year's turnover we're up 25%. We're on track to hit our first one million next year and in 2018 the Opal Museum was awarded the Travellers' Choice award...


This is the highest honor TripAdvisor - the world's largest travel site can bestow. It's based on the reviews and opinions of millions of travellers, and means that we're ranked in the top 1% of all Australian attractions


  You can explore the shop and Museum in the Virtual Tour Below..

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Now let's talk about the opals that are used in our jewellery...

The most important and critical factor about our opals which sets us apart from nearly every other opal business is that we only deal in "solid opals which means that no matter what type of opal it is, it's 100% natural.

Synthetic opals or enhanced opals such as doublets and triplets lack that special-indescribable quality that makes solid opals special -  It's like comparing an original painting with a high quality print. "they're nice but it's simply not the same". Now the most common question I get ask is...

"How are opals valued"

Firstly all our opals are 100% natural.  This is important because it becomes a "level playing field" and now purely comes down to the "Wow! factor" or compelling nature of the opal.

There are eight value determining features. They are...

  1. Type
  2. Tone
  3. Shape
  4. Thickness
  5. Transparency
  6. Patterns
  7. Colours
  8. Brightness (which is the most important feature)

I often tell people that because opals vary so dramatically I find it much easier to treat opals like artwork rather than gemstones. Meaning that while I'm conscious of all the features it is more about contemplating the opal in its entirety. So if I was to show an opal to a 1000 people what's their reaction. The better the reaction the more valuable it is - but again I stress this can only apply to 100% natural opals.

And that's where I come in. Because I've shown thousands upon thousands upon thousands of opals to people.  I can determine with good accuracy The level of compelling nature that an opal has balanced against the knowledge of supply.


It's not rocket science just experience.



Now if you're anything like me you've made a few purchasing mistakes in the past so what I want to promise you is that...

Whatever Happens you're covered when you shop with us:  

1) If you don't like it when it arrives in the post, simply return it for a full refund.

2) Your opal comes with a warranty on workmanship. And...

3) We give you a 5-year Guarantee against the opal cracking.


Testimonial by Kim Jacques



"I found Geoff's website and was so impressed with his description and honesty about his knowledge on real opals. I wish while we were over there we would have gotten the opportunity to visit his museum unfortunately we weren't in that area. I am so glad I found his website! I purchased two of his rings and absolutely love them! Not only does he provide awesome rings but the service I got was A+!"



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  The Investment for this Opal is ...
AUD $1,250.00 (or 3 payments of AUD $437.50)


Payment Plan Available


If you really like this item I would hate for you to miss out due to the price. Because once its gone, it cannot be replaced. So to make sure this doesn't happen, you can get this item on a payment plan. No forms to fill out, simply put one third towards the total now, we'll post it out today, and rest will be paid off in installments :-) EASY!



Have I answered all your questions?


If not please click the question mark below or give me a call. If you still have that doubting voice in your head (which is normal). Look at it rationally and do the following two things...
1) Firstly, think about our Tripadvisor Feedback... 132 reviews with a 5-out-of-5 STAR rating! (These are verifiable customers who have shopped with us in-store or online).
2) Secondly, Reassure your doubtful thoughts by promising yourself that as soon as you get it, if you don't think that you would wear it, you'll return it for a refund.


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