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Solid Boulder Opal 10k Gold Ring- Bright Neon Green Fire, Earthy Stone, Oval, 100% Natural

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Metal : 9k-10k Gold

Stone : Opal

Weight : 14.50 ct

Overal Dimesions : 7.5 x 9 mm mm

Ring Size : 7.50 (We can resize this ring free of charge - simply mention the required size in the notes on the checkout page)

Item Number : #11863

Information : For detailed information about this item please watch the video as we do talk about the item in the video


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Your Opal jewellery will be delivered to you in this Gorgeous Wood Jewellery Box...









All online jewellery comes presented in its own beautiful wood box (valued at $25) - because as the saying goes... It's the little things that make all the difference...




 Here Are The TOP 3 Reasons Why People Buy Opal Jewellery From Us...



1) Everyone loves receiving gifts, and we have seen on countless occasions how an opal has been the perfect item to help someone show their partner (or a family member) how much they love them.

2) We have witnessed more times that I can remember how an opal has transformed how someone feels when they put on the perfect opal.


3) A natural solid opal is the most effective and beautiful item to use to either trigger memories of someone's holiday in United States, or as a gift to someone when you go overseas.







When it comes to shopping online for an opal, here’s why you should shop with us...


I, Geoff McDonald, take great pride in this business (
you can read about it in my book here) - I built it from the ground up and have helped thousands upon thousands of customers invest in an opal for the reasons described above.


And every item on this website is a "solid opal" which means that no matter what type of opal it is, it's 100% natural.


You get a real opal.  Synthetic (Lab grown) opals or enhanceds opals (doublets/triplets) lack that special-indescriable quality that makes solid opals special -  It's like comparing an original painting with a high quality print. "the're nice but it's simply not the same".


And you've probably found out by now that there is an awful lot of synthetic opal on the internet. Just search "opal" on eBay or Etsy and vast majority of the listings are synthetic opal, doublets or triplets.

Testimonial by Una Gallacher (facebook)

I ❤️ Opals. I found out about all the colours only last year. I was so happy to find Geoff's shop & museum just a short distance outside Brisbane whilst on a recent visit. I found a small pendant which 'spoke' to me. I then moved on to visit Hamilton Island and The Great Barrier Reef. I wanted a pendant with the colours of the water I had seen. But there was nothing to be had in the island's shops. (In fact, triplet opals are being sold for $199. For this price, you get a natural solid Opal from Geoff). Then I remembered Geoff's online shop. I found exactly what I had been looking for. Wonderful. I highly recommend the shop & museum. Susie, our sales assistant on the day of the visit, was 'a gem'. She was knowledgeable about the mining process and the different stones. And, she was so helpful with my jewellery choice.




A Real 100% Natural, Pure, SOLID Opal Will Be An Heirloom That Will Be Passed On And Cherished For Generations To Come!


Your Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren (and so on) will hold in their hand and stare into the same dancing, dazzling colours of the opal that wins your heart and calms your soul today.




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One Question You May have Thought Of... 



How are opals valued?...


The key factor here is that all of our opals are 100% natural (solid opal). That being the case it becomes a level playing field and simply comes down to the "Wow! factor" of an opal.


This WOW factor is based on the 8 value determining features...


1) type

2) tone

3) shape

4) thickness

5) transparency

6) pattern

7) colour

8) Brightness


The better these 8 features, the more attractive it is, and therefore the more people want it - increasing the demand (The most important feature being brightness - also known as brilliance).







Whatever Happens, You're covered!



When you shop with us:  

1) You will get a REAL opal that is 100% natural.
2) If you don't like it when it arrives in the post, simply return it for a full refund.
3) You are guaranteed to receive a top quality opal.
4) Your opal comes with a warranty on workmanship.
5) We give you a 5-year Iron Clad Guarantee against the opal cracking.



(All items are sent with a 100% MONEY back guarantee that your item will Arrive! And if you don't like it you can return it no questions asked for a full refund!)

For more information about our Multi-Layered Protection Guarantee, REFUND and WARRANTY policy



Testimonial by Kim Jacques



My husband & I visited United States a couple years ago and absolutely loved it. I wanted to purchase an Opal ring while I was there. I found Geoff's website and was so impressed with his description and honesty about his knowledge on real opals. I wish while we were over there we would have gotten the opportunity to visit his museum unfortunately we weren't in that area. I am so glad I found his website! I purchased two of his rings and absolutely love them! They are nice quality and are beautiful!! If I get the chance to travel back over there I am definitely going to make it a point to go visit his museum! Not only does he provide awesome rings but the service I got was A+!



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The Investment for this Opal is only...
USD $504.26 (or 3 payments of USD $176.49)




We understand that you need to try it on before you make the final decision.

I will not consider this order finalised until you have been able to put it on or give it to the intended person.  If you get it and don't like it, or you give it to the person and they don't like it, you can return it. No questions asked!


It's wise to be cautious...


But don't let it make you miss out on what could be the perfect item.



If you really like the item but still feel a little bit of doubt (which is normal).  Look at it rationally and do the following two things...


1) Firstly, remind yourself of our Tripadvisor Feedback.  82 reviews with a 5-out-of-5 STAR rating!   Theses are verifiable customers, people who have shopped with us instore and online.


2) Reassure and carm any doubtful thinking by promising yourself that as soon as you get it, if you don't love it or think that your would not wear it enough to justify the investment.  You'll return it for a refund - WE ENCOURAGE THIS!   Sound Fair Enough?



Don't over think it.

If you like it, get it!


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