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Natural Solid Australian Unset Boulder Opal Specimen - Brisbane Opal Shop

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Stone : Opal

Stone Colour : More than 2 colours

Weight : 329.57 grams

Overal Dimesions : 72 x 114 mm

Item Number : #10775

Information : For detailed information about this item please watch the video as we do talk about the item in the video

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Now I'm not sure why you came to this Website. It might be because...


  1. You have an anniversary just around the corner and you want your partner to be overjoyed.
  2. It's a birthday of a loved one (or maybe it's your own birthday),
  3. You've loved opals for a long time and finally decided that now is the time to get one, or maybe
  4. Things have been a little strained in your relationship and you want to give your partner something special to show how much you love and appreciate her.



When it comes to shopping online for an opal you should be concerned about two things....


1) Getting a real opal - You don't want to buy a fake opal or an enhanced one, (unless that's what you're after). And you've probably found out by now that there is an awful lot of synthetic opal on the internet. Just search "opal" on eBay and vast majority of the listings are synthetic opal, doublets or triplets.


Now since I'm talking about it, I'm going to address this concern right now...  every item on this website is a "solid opal" which basically means that no matter what type of opal it is, it's 100% natural. 


2) Asking price - I'm not sure what you've discovered, but from my research, the price of opals & opal jewellery can vary dramatically. So how do you know if you are paying the correct price?



Understanding how opals are priced - An educated guess or a shot in the dark?


The challenge that online businesses face who don't also have a shop is that they miss the face-to-face interaction with customers. They miss-out on seeing a customers physical reaction to an items price.


Most are simply guessing, and then hoping for the best. Which could work in your favour, because you (the buyer), might get an undervalued opal. But the opposite is also very much true, you might end up spending way to much.


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How are opals valued...


The key fact here is that all our opals are 100% natural (solid opal). It then becomes a level playing field and simply comes down to the "Wow! factor" of an opal; which is based on the 8 value determining features... type, tone, shape, thickness, transparency, colour, pattern and brightness.  


The better these 8 features, the more attractive it is, and therefore the more people want it - increasing the demand (The most important feature being brightness - also know as brilliance).



You have a choice to make...


Option A,


  1. You can either put aside 3 - 10 hours and go though the hundreds of opal websites, trying to work out the reputation of the business based on their online presence and compare thousands of different opals.
  2. Try and work through the many different ways that the opals have been photographed.
  3. Try and decide if the photo and video is an accurate representation of the opal (or only showing its best angle).
  4. And after all that hope that you don't overpay.

Now because you've read this far I'm guessing that you're someone who prefers the safe path...


Option B,

  • Shop with a business that has a mountain of opal experience.

  • A business that is both online and a bricks-and-mortar shop.

  • A business that is totally focused on the customer and in making sure that you find the best opal according to your needs,

  • And know that no matter what happens you're fully covered...


Whatever happens, you're covered!


  1. When you shop with us, you will get something that is 100% natural,
  2. If it arrives in the post and if you don't like it, you can simply return it.
  3. You will get something that is of quality making.
  4. It comes with a warrantee on workmanship.
  5. We offer a 5 year Guarantee against the opal cracking.


For more information about our REFUND and WARRANTY policy CLICK HERE.


Keep this in mind as you watch the video...


How many weeks, months or years do you think it would take if you were to actually go out to the opal fields (just like Fred and Tiny below), and



dig-and-toil until you found an opal with the same "Wow!-factor as the item below? Then think about the price asked for the opal (under the video).


Do you see value for money? If the answer is yes, then I think it's fair to say that you have found the right website, now it simply comes down to finding out if the actual opal in the video is the one for you. However ...


We might NOT be the right business for you!


To be honest, if you watch the video below and don't see value for money, then we're probably not the business for you - but thank you for visiting I hope the information above helped in some way.


So lets go! Click the play button, take a look at the price and lets see which camp you reside in. If it feels right then keep reading the information below the video...   



Here's A Video of this item...

This item on Sale at (30% off). It was AUD $395.00 and is now....
The Investment for this Opal is only...
AUD $276.50


(If you live outside Australia then you don't pay GST (tax) so your price is ...  AUD $251.36 -  click here to convert this amount into your countries currency )


 We understand that you need to try it on before you make the final decision.


When customers are in the shop 70% of our customers try the jewellery on before making the final decision. So I understand that there is a good chance that you need to do the same before you know with certainty if this is the opal for you.


Therefore I will not consider this order finalised until you have been able to put it on and are able to imagine yourself enjoying the opal in the many years ahead. If you get it and don't like it you can return it. Simple!


Get it on a payment plan or pay in full and get a Discount off the total!


The total above is the "payment plan" price (CLICK HERE  for information on payment plan option). If you pay in-full today you will take a little extra off the total. 





So you like the item? You think that there's a good chance that ...


  1. Your partner will appreciate it and that it will help to show her much you love and care for her? Or
  2. It will make a wonderful anniversary gift? Or
  3. It will make a super birthday present, Or
  4. It will honor that part of yourself that sometimes needs looking after?


Great! Then click on to the next page and see all the extras that will come with this item...