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Solid 100% Natural Oval Light Opal Set in14k White Gold. Claw Pendant.

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Description : Please watch both videos

Metal : 14K White Gold

Stone : Opal (Solid - 100% natural Australian opal)

Weight : 4.15 ct

Overal Dimesions : 15 x 7mm mm

Ring Size : (If this item is a ring we can resize it free of charge. Simply mention the required size in the ‘notes’ section on the checkout page.). To view your finger size. Click here

Item Number: #17764

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Why shop with us...

We guarantee that you're getting an actual piece of Australia. Not a slice, not a sliver and not something made in a petri dish (doublets, triplets & synthetic) 

When considering all the factors that make up a compelling opal, Australian opals rank the highest. And a little known but extremely important fact is that Australian opal is significantly more stable (least likely to craze or crack) than opals from other countries.


 When it comes to pricing opals, the most important factor is experience. When Geoff (one of the owners) decides on a price, it is based on decades worth of dealing in opals, the prices are not plucked-out-of-the-air but based on the history of selling thousands-upon-thousands of opal jewellery pieces; he knows where the equilibrium point is when considering supply v's demand  (to find out more about our experience - click here). 

When Geoff sits down to work out what jewellery to make with the opals - he does not do so haphazardly. He dedicates time and thoughtfuless to each one, making decisions based on shape, orientation, size, jewellery type, what metal to use, if it should be a rub-over or claw set, and finally when that’s all said-and-done he'll work out the design for each and every item.

Your Business in the jewellery shop helps to grow and preserve the Opal Museum Collection...

It's already one of the best collections in the world and as we see opals & opal specimens become more scarce (already happening), it's more important than ever to protect and preserve this collection so that it can be enjoyed and marvelled by generations to come.


In this video Holly shows the Jewellery Shop and the Brisbane Opal Museum

(including three specimens from the opal museum collection)...


Your Opal jewellery will be delivered to you in one of these this gorgeous wood jewellery boxes (if you are ordering a pendant it also come with a free necklace) and you will also receive a little information pack about your opal.


  And for peace of mind: We offer a full money back guarantee.


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