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Jewellery that Displays The Most Compelling of Gemstones

A gemstone that can sparkle as much as a diamond, be as compelling as the starry-night sky, as colourful as a rainbow and as captivating as a picturesque sunset. It's a ...

Solid OPAL.

Watch this Video to Get an Quick Idea of Our Jewellery...

In our physical shop and here online you will find the largest collection of solid (100% natural) OPAL jewellery pieces in Brisbane.

Meet Geoff, the owner...

The Power of Magnificent Jewellery.

This Hypnotically Vibrant Gem Can Help You FEEL THE LOVE

Sarah’s Story:

On a cold wet rainy day, Sarah arrives home after a horrible day at work; it was one of those days where things went from bad to worse. An unstoppable mind-loop of critical and depressing thoughts snowballing down a mountain faster and faster.

When Sarah stepped through the doorway, her husband, Adam, was standing there in front of her with an odd look and unreadable expression on his face. Caught-up in her own bleak thoughts, Sarah shoots him a look that would have made the devil himself turn his head.

But not Adam… he just stood there saying nothing. He stared at her for a few moments admiring her beauty… and even in her darkest moments, he couldn’t stop thinking about how much he loves and appreciates Sarah. So Adam calmly and gently says to Sarah, “I can see that you’ve had a bad day. Why don’t you go into the lounge-room and take a seat and relax. I have something I want to give you." and then he said cheekily "I think you’re really going to like it".

And just like that. Instantly. Peace.

Like a bolt of lightning, or the swinging doors of a bar saloon — out went brooding thought and in strolled curious thinking.

For the first time that day Sarah was smiling. She sat down on the sofa wondering what it was — excited. All of the trials and turmoil of the day had been forgotten.

In walked Adam with a look of excitement written all over his face.

He sat down next to Sarah and said “I got this today and was going to wait until our anniversary next week to give it to you… but I think now is the right time.” He handed her a little wooden box. Sarah paused before opening it to look Adam in the eyes… And as she wiped away a tear that was welling up, she smiled and could only manage to whisper, “Thank You.”

Then, buzzing with anticipation, Sarah knew from the size of the box it had to be some type of jewellery.

As she opened the wooden box slowly, she took a deep breath when she noticed the most dazzling thing she had ever seen ... It was an opal… And it sparkled with a whirlpool of brilliant fire and colour.

It was both beautiful and compelling. She particularly liked the striking blue colour. She instantly imagined herself dressed up in her favourite outfit, the opal pendant glittering.

Sarah smiled even more - her special joyful smile. She savored the moment and knew instantly that this wonderful memory would stay with her forever. Adam leaned in and said "Why won't you go upstairs and try it on, I'll be up there in a minute with a glass of wine".

His eyes sparkled, as did Sarah’s!

Captivating Solid Opal Jewellery


Here's a sample video of our jewellery being modelled (the link for more videos is up top)

The Amazing Opal Jewellery Shop with an Awesome OPAL MUSEUM


So why did we open up a museum?...


We all know that life is all about having memorable experiences, so that's exactly what I wanted to do with the museum. Give a great experience by  showcasing this wildly varying gemstone and iconic industry


You can read about how the Opal Museum came into existance, in my book here (or to visit the Opal Museum website - Click Here). And a HUGE benefit to having the museum as part of the shop has required us to become real experts in all things opal. However there is...


Still a Long way to go...


I believe that in life we need to keep evolving and creating. Dream Big! Therefore my main goal is to build a brand new, purpose built Opal Museum - to find out more - Click here.


If you're not able to come to Brisbane,

the next best thing is to do a...  VIRTUAL tour 

  (There are SEVEN rooms in total - Can you find them all?).  

Click the arrows...






The question that I get asked the most is…


"Where do you get your opals from?" 


The answer is everywhere and anywhere, as long as it’s good quality, 100% natural (solid) and a fair price. The bulk of my opal rough comes from one of five opal miners in Queensland, and a couple of miners in Lightning Ridge (NSW).  However as I sit here (Feb 2018) and look around the shop, I see opal from everyone of the 17 opal fields in Australia.  I love buying opal! - I'm just like most of my customers however, I've taken it to the extreme!


    Meet the staff...



     (from left to right) Ashley, Tara, Susie & Adelaide (front).


Our staff is a team of knowledgeable, friendly and engaging people who can explain the tour well and are very capable of asking thoughtful questions when in the shop (to help you find your perfect opal). To put it plainly, our staff, (including myself, Geoff) are people people. We enjoy talking with you. And we want to make your experience as enjoyable as it can possibly be when you visit.


Testimonial by Maria White Miller (facebook)

I came in from the USA for a stay with my fiance, and his dad was an opal miner. He learned so much about opals that he never knew, and I was just in awe the whole time in the museum . I left owning a gorgeous matrix opal from the shop. The shop owner and staff are amazing and so friendly! A must see if you like geology, history, and beautiful opals.


( And after 37 Reviews on Facebook  our rating is 4.7 Stars out of 5)


 Not All Opal Jewellery Is The Same


Here’s What Makes Our Opal Jewellery Unique…


I, Geoff (the owner) personally cut, shape and polish the opals. When I have them just perfect, I send the stones off to one of our four jewellers (each with their own jewellery making specialty). I inform them as to which direction they are to orientate the stone, the design, and the metal they should use.


This makes up 73% of our jewellery. This system ensures that every single item passes the following test...

Features of good opal Jewellery



When viewing the item for the first time, the jewellery piece needs to "look right"...

    • It needs to have a nice balanced shape,
    • It must be Positioned in a way that “shows off” the opal (maximises the opal colour), and finally...
    • It needs to have at least one thing about it that makes it special!

      Majestically Beautiful jewellery...

“In precious opals there might be a dash of red here, a seductive swirl of blue there, and in the center, perhaps, a flirtatious glance of green. But each stone flickers with a unique fire and a good opal is one with an opinion of its own.” ~ Victoria Finlay (Author, Jewels : A Secret History)



Bringing The Jewellery to Life - Modelling the Jewellery with videos and photos


Adelaide Sines (above) works in the museum part-time (although not much anymore), these days she spends most of her time traveling around the world being an international model (currently she's in Paris, FRANCE).


Click on the following links to view some of our jewellery being modelled...  Photos  or Videos.




There is only one thing that I love more than opal.


And that's helping customers discover one for themselves.


So here's my top tip to for opal shopping...


Make it an enjoyable experience. If you're shopping for yourself or someone else. Do it with a good feeling  - Imaging yourself (or the person you're buying it for) happy and wearing the opal. 


Have fun shopping!