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The Power of Compelling Jewellery. A short story:

On a cold wet rainy day, a woman arrives home after a horrible day at work; it was one of those days where things went from bad to worse.An unstoppable mind-loop of critical and depressing thoughts snowballing down a mountain faster and faster.

She stepped in through the doorway and there standing in front of her was her husband. With an odd looking and unreadable expression on his face.

Caught-up in her own bleak thinking mind, she shoots him a look that would have made the devil himself turn his head. But not him, he just stood there saying nothing, just staring at her until at last he calmly and gently said, “I can see that you’ve had a bad day, please go into the lounge-room and take a seat, I have something that I want to give you, I think you’re going to like it.”

And just like that. Instantly. Peace. Like a bolt of lightning, or the swinging doors of a bar salon — out went brooding thought in strolled curious thinking. And for the first time that day she was smiling. She sat down on the sofa wondering what it was — excited, all the trials
of the day forgotten.

In walked her husband, excitement written all over his face. He sat down next to her and said “I got this today and was going to wait until our anniversary next week to give it to you, but I think that now is the right time.” He gave her a little box , she paused before opening it, enjoying the feeling of anticipation, knowing from the size of the box it was some type of jewellery.

She opened it, and inside was the most dazzling thing she had ever seen ... It was an opal, a whirlpool of brilliant fire and colour. It was both beautiful and compelling, she particularly liked the dominate blue colour - an image of her dressed in her favorite outfit wearing this pendant popped into her mind.

She smiled even more - her special joyful smile. She savored the moment and new instantly that this wonderful memory would stay with her forever. Her husband leaned in and said "Why don't you go upstairs and try it on, I'll be up there in a minute with a glass of wine".
His eyes sparkled. As did hers!


The beautiful lady above is called Adelaide, she used to work for us before she left to follow her dream of being an International Model. Before she left I took some photos of her wearing our jewellery. Click here to see those photos.

Why you should choose an opal

We have all heard of the saying "it's the thought that counts". But that's not entirely accurate. In the above story what would have happened if our lady had opened the box and a key-chain was inside? Yes, it would still have distracted her mind, however it's unlikely to evoke real joy and happiness that something as special as an opal would.

Jewellery is the type of gift that shows a woman that you think she's truly beautiful! Obviously I'm bias towards opal - but with good reason; I see on a daily basis how happy customers are when they find their own opal! Personally I believe that opal jewellery is one of the most magnificent gifts one can ever give because each one is unique - You can give her someone that is only for her.

"So, Who are we? Well my name is Geoff McDonald, I'm the owner and here is a quick video where I answer to vitality important questions...



So you've meet me. Here's the staff...

(from left to right) Ashley, Tara, Susie & Adelaide (front).




 Now take a look at what really sets us apart from all the others. Our opal museum, and because of modern technology; you can do a VIRTUAL tour of the opal museum and shop    (There are SEVEN rooms in total - Can you find them all?). Click the arrows...




Not all opal jewellery is the same

have 3 major opal miners who supply me with opal rough from either lightning ridge (home of the famous black opal), and the Queensland opal fields (it's the only place in the world where we find boulder opal). I buy often, and in large quantities and am therefore able to get the opal rough for the lowest possible price.

This opal rough I personally cut shape and polish. Once finished, I send the stones off to one of our four jewellers (each with their own jewellery making specialty). I inform them as to which direction they are to orientate the stone, the design, & what metal they should use. This makes up 73% of our jewellery. This system ensures that every single item passes the following test...


Features of good opal jewellery



On viewing the item for the first time the jewellery piece needs to "look right"


  1. It needs to have a nice balanced shape,
  2. Positioned in a way that maximises the opal colour, and finally...
  3. It needs to have at least one thing about it that makes it special!




One final thing before you go on to discover your own special 100% natural opal. Here’s what others have said about us...


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