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Celebrate that special occasion with a 100% Natural Australian Solid Opal!

Acquire Nature's most amazing and compelling gemstone. Set in a contemporary setting by an expert opal jewellery master for you to enjoy now and for many decades into the future.

Here's Geoff explaining how to best find what you're looking for on this website...

In our physical shop and here online you will find the largest collection of solid (100% natural) OPAL jewellery pieces in Brisbane.

Here's some examples of what captivating solid opals look like (these were all sold from our shop)...

We model all of our jewellery because we want to give you a good idea of the size and how it actually looks when on someone - Here is a sample video of Holly modelling an item...

A fascinating One-of-A-Kind OPAL MUSEUM


We are Brisbane Best Opal Jewellery shop with a World class Opal Museum.



We all know that life is all about having memorable experiences, so that's exactly what I wanted to do with the museum. Give a great experience by  showcasing this wildly varying gemstone along with stories about this iconic industry. To visit the Opal Museum website - Click Here.



You can read in my book how the Opal Museum was concieved, and how it has evolved. 




A question that I am often asked is...


"Where do you get your opals from?" 


The answer is everywhere and anywhere, as long as it’s good quality, 100% natural (solid) and a fair price. The bulk of my opal rough comes from one of five opal miners in Queensland, and a couple of miners in Lightning Ridge (NSW).  However as I sit here (Feb 2018) and look around the shop, I see opal from everyone of the 17 opal fields in Australia.  I love buying opal! - I'm just like most of my customers however, I've taken it to the extreme!




Why me being a Perfectionist is good for you!


When it comes to my business I strive for perfection. Especially when it comes to the jewellery. So when inspecting the jewellery, the item needs to... 


1) Have a nice balanced shape,

2) Be positioned in a way that “shows off” the opal (maximises the opal colour),

3) It needs to have at least one thing (pattern, colour, brightness) that makes it compelling! And...

4) Be 100% natural.



Here's my top tip for opal shopping...


Make it an enjoyable experience. If you're shopping for yourself or someone else. Do it with a good feeling  - Imaging yourself (or the person you're buying it for) happy and wearing the opal. 


Have fun shopping!

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There are 7 things that you should know
before buying any opal. Please click here to
find out what they are.

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There are 7 things that you should know
before buying any opal. Please click here to
find out what they are.